Hon. AlanLagimodiere

MLA for Selkirk
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I'm ready and really looking forward to seeing our #selkirk streets lit up with floats, vehicles and bright smiles! I invite #stclements #standrews and all our neighbors to come join us! twitter.com/SelkirkRecord/…

"My story is that I was convinced by my dad to not get into the grain brokerage business that my family was into"... fb.me/7EsOsR8Ue

Important announcement by MB Justice Minister Heather Stefanson in Selkirk today. A financial contribution... fb.me/2kxnV7qp4

Very special announcement by MB Justice Minister @Min_Stefanson The benefits of this presentation will positively affect #selkirk 's START program! A very successful program for helping at risk youth. @LordSelkirk_SD @polinuk @rcmpmb #mbpoli #stclements #standrews twitter.com/Min_Stefanson/…

Thank you to Keystone Agricultural Producers members in the Selkirk area for this morning's informative meeting!... fb.me/AyFFU37n

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