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MLA for Selkirk
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I'm so happy to announce more funding is coming to Selkirk Constituency! Our communities development funding program is providing a quarter of a million dollars towards the South St. Clements Community and Recreational Centre! Congratulations everyone!

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The #redriver between #lockport and #lakewinnipeg typically sees several hundred of these ice fishing shelters every winter. The most ever counted was in the 750 range. That doesn't include the several hundred portable shelters that appear on any given nice winter weekend. twitter.com/stevelambertwp…

@DonaldLepp Thank you Donald! Making Manitoba a better place while spending less and chipping away at debt. Win, win, win!

Violence against women impacts all Manitobans. I will speak out! #maleallies #EndVAW  #mbpoli

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Violence against women is a men’s issue. Stop the violence. #maleallies. #EndVAW #mbpoli

So many angling opportunities in the #selkirk #redriver #lakewinnipeg areas. #icefishing or open water fishing. We have it all! twitter.com/placemakerchic…

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